b'PERDUE FARMS OUTPACES INDUSTRY IN RAISINGPEOPLE CHICKENS WITH OUTDOORMAGAZINES BEST ACCESS, EXPANDS NEW FROZEN FREE-RANGE OFFERINGS SUPERMARKET PRODUCTS Perdue Farms is leading the industry in raising chickensINCLUDE PERDUEwith outdoor access and expanded its free-range product offerings under its PERDUE HARVESTLAND label. PERDUE SIMPLY SMART ORGANICS Perdue family farmers converted nearly 700 chicken housesLightly Breaded Chicken Breast Strips from conventional growing operations to meet free-rangewas named a PEOPLE Food Awards standards, including adding windows, environmental2019 Best New Supermarket Product enrichments and safe outdoor accessthe vast majority ofof the Year. The strips took gold as which the company subsidized. Perdue reached its goal tobest frozen chicken product among provide outdoor access in 25 percent of its chicken housesPEOPLE staffers who selected the by January 2020, securing Perdues position as the leader inmost delicious new supermarket raising chickens with outdoor access.foods from among more than 1,200 new products.This allowed the company to significantly expand its free-range offerings under the popular PERDUE HARVESTLANDThe product is part of the PERDUE brandthe first coast-to-coast offering of its kindandSIMPLY SMART ORGANICS product available nationally in grocery stores, supercenters andlineup that includes whole grain, online. certified gluten-free and lightly breaded varieties of nuggets, As part of Perdue Farms commitment to transparency, thestrips and tenders in the frozen company is adding a QR code to all PERDUE HARVESTLANDand refrigerated foods sections. products that, when scanned, will tell the story of the familyAll products are made with simple farm(s) and farmers who contributed to growing the food iningredients consumers can each package. pronounce, recognize and easily find in their home pantry or grocery store.10 FOOD'