b'Our Farmers Answered The CallHow did it feel to be considered as essential amid the pandemic? There was a sense of pride that we are contributing.At such an uncertain time where the media was portrayingfood shortages, we were there to do our part.- Amanda Hawkins, Harrington, DE.My neighbors were very excited that we were keeping onstillgrowing chickens. I went to the grocery store at that time, and you couldnt find anything. At the meat counter they were bare. There were cases where there was opportunity for people to buy product directly from Perdue and they were very excited about that. They thought very highly of us as farmers, because we were still producing food. Its just a sense of pride that you are providing a product that people are using every day.- Alvin Warner, Milford, DE.Were growing the food, raising the food. Its 24/7. A lot of us live on the farm and we dont clock out. So, I think people started to respect that when they saw how hard we worked.- Austin Good, Lancaster, PA.It still made me feel proud that I was doing something to help feed America and makesure everybody has plenty of food.- Beth Jernigan, Windsor, N.C.PEOPLE & PARTNERS 12Company & Business Partners'