b'The Contract Poultry Growing RelationshipPerdue has been contracting with farmers to raise our poultry since the 1950s. Many of the farm families raising our chickens have been with our company across multiple generations, with sons and daughters deciding to build poultry houses based on the experiences of their parents and grandparents. Our ability to attract new farmers is dependent upon the trust we earn within the farm community. Farmers are paid for raising the chickens, with higher pay going to those who are most efficient. A contract poultry operation is like any other business in that farmers need to reinvest in their operations to remain competitive. In addition, standards related to food safety, bird health and welfare and environmental stewardship change over time as a result of, among other things, advances in animal husbandry, changing consumer and customer expectations and new laws and regulations. However, Perdue often provides no-interest financing and other incentives to assist farmers with necessary upgrades. Our StandardsWe have high standards for howrelationships with contracts we expect our birds to be raised,that reward care and welfare, including no-antibiotics-everin addition to production andUnder The Contract protocols, poultry care programsefficiency.Growing Relationshipthat exceed the norm for the U.S. poultry business, environmentalFarms raising our poultry Perdue delivers day-old chicks to thestewardship and the expectationare subject to third-partyfarms and provides feed, veterinarythat farmers raising our chickenscertifications and verifications,care and advicewill be good neighbors.including our USDA Process Our flock advisors, veterinariansVerified Program for Poultry and poultry care officersbackedWe promise to consider ourCare, USDA Certified Organicby an advanced team of scientistsfarmers when making changes.and Global Animal Partnershipand laboratory technicians workingWe are modifying our businesscertifications.with leading research and analyticalequipmentassist our farmersPerdue maintains ownership ofthe chickens, and the farmers areresponsible for providing housing thatmeets Perdues standards, and caringfor the birds 15 PEOPLE & PARTNERSCompany & Business Partners'