b'Compliance And Ethics Are Prerequisites To TrustWe operate all our facilities in compliance with: All local, state and federal laws and applicable international agreements The rules and regulations of private and public agencies having jurisdiction over Perdue We are committed to: Managing our business ethically and with a sense of responsibility and stewardship Respecting human rights and dignity Upholding and protecting the legal rights of our associates We expect the same from our suppliers and business partners.Code Of EthicsPerdues Code of Ethics governs ourAll associates are required to follow our business behavior and conduct. To thispolicies and are expected to base their end, all salaried associates are required toactions and decisions upon our values.sign a Code of Ethics Statement that theyThis includes acting with honesty and will abide by our expected code of conduct.integrity at all times. Our Values Shape Our FutureOur values were established nearly a century ago on Arthur and Pearl Perdues family farm, and they continue to guide our actions today as we work toward our Vision: To be the most trusted name in food and agricultural products.Quality StewardshipWe live up to the standards and expectationsWe protect our environment, ensure the of Our Quality Policy. well-being of our associates, provide for the Integrity welfare of the animals in our care, live up to We do the right thing for the right reason andour civic responsibilities and generatealways keep our promises. earnings for the future of the company.TeamworkWe work together to accomplish something greater than one could alone.17 PEOPLE & PARTNERSCompany & Business Partners'