b'A DEDICATION TO HEALTH AND NUTRITIONWe have options for a variety of consumer and customer needs, from our new PERDUE CHICKEN PLUS veggie-and-chicken blended items, to products made with simple ingredients under our PERDUE SIMPLY SMART label, to our expanded free-range offerings under our PERDUE HARVESTLAND line, to gluten-free products that meet the standards of the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, and continue to lead as the number-one producer of USDA organic chicken.We continue to make our PERDUE branded products even healthier: Our new CHICKEN PLUS nuggets, tenders andOur whole grain breaded line meets USDApatties have reduced fat, reduced cholesterolDietary Guidelines for whole grains. and increased positive nutrient content (fiber, We have retail and foodservice products thatprotein, Vitamins A and C) compared to theircarry a Child Nutrition label, which indicates its contribution toward the USDAs daily Childtraditional counterparts, and can help parents of picky eaters get more vegetables into their Nutrition Meal Pattern Requirements.kids diets. We use only white-meat chicken and no fillers. Our low-fat refrigerated products have less fatWe continue to strive to lower sodium levels han comparable breaded, fried bonelesstchicken products, according to USDA data. and to meet consumer taste preferences and unctional processing requirements.fOur COLEMAN NATURAL, COLEMAN ORGANIC and NIMAN RANCH processed products, including sausage and bacon, contain no added nitrites, nitrates or artificial preservatives.Most of our PERDUE HARVESTLAND foodservice items contain no artificial additives, nitrates or nitrites.18 FOOD'