b"Ensuring Our Associates' SuccessPerdue Named To List OfAmericas Best-In-State Employers 2020Forbes named Perdue Farmssupport and protect our associates one of Americas Best-in-Statethroughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Employers 2020 in Delaware andwe remain committed to putting Virginia. The list is determined bythem first as they continue to serve an independent survey of moreas frontline heroes in Americas than 80,000 employees working forfood supply chain.companies employing at least 500 people within the United States. Diverse and engaged associatesare at the heart of fulfilling our This recognition represents ourVision to be the most trusteddecades-long commitment toname in food and agricultural ensuring we provide a safe andproducts. Were honored that inclusive work culture that allowsForbes recognized Perdueour associates to be successful. Asamong Americas best employers.evidenced by our ongoing efforts to PEOPLE & PARTNERS 22Our Associates"