b'&PERDUE AND BIOENERGY DEVCO ENTER 20-YEAR PARTNERSHIP TO CREATE RENEWABLE NATURAL GAS AND NATURAL SOIL HEALTH SOLUTIONSFROM POULTRY ORGANICSTwo decades ago, Perdue Farms created the first and only nutrient recycling operation on Mid-Atlantic Delmarva Peninsula that protects the Chesapeake Bay and coastal watersheds by turning material from poultry production and processing into soil amendments that improve soil quality, increase water retention and reduce runoff. As a continuation of that commitment, we have partnered with Bioenergy DevCo, a leading global developer of anaerobic digestion facilities that create renewable energy and healthy soil products from organic materials, to supply organic material from our processing facilities for theiranaerobic digester.The 20-year partnership will help us produce renewable energy while continuing to address soil health and nutrient management in the environmentally sensitive Chesapeake Bay watershed.The use of anaerobic digestion, combined with enhanced composting of organic material, reinforces Perdues ongoing commitment to driving economic development in the region and adopting innovative solutions that are good for the environment.The relationship also offers a large-scale opportunity to create a truly consistent source of clean, renewable natural gas in a sustainable way that will be beneficial for years to come.Having both anaerobic digestion and compost options for managing organic materials has many benefits for the poultry industry and the communities on Delmarva.Anaerobic digestion offers an alternative to traditional methods of waste management that release harmful greenhouse gas emissions or pollute natural environments.Anaerobic digesters use a natural process driven by microorganisms to biodegrade organic materials in a closed system, which naturally transforms organics to create truly renewable natural gas, as well as an organic soil amendment digestate, which is high in organic matter that improves soil health.24 ENVIRONMENT'