b"EDGARDO TORRES What attracted you to Perdue? Why are you comfortable being Director of Operations While searching for my long-termyour authentic self at Perdue?Cromwell, Kentuckycareer in 2008, I came across twoI am comfortable being my main things that attracted me toauthentic self at work because Perdue. First, Perdue was andI know the Perdue family and still is a family-owned companyorganization supports diversity that has carried exceptional andand inclusion. Having a team that meaningful values throughoutsupports how different we are generations. Secondly, Perdue wasmakes you feel welcome. That and still is known for its superiorallows people to open themselves, product quality. Those two thingslower their guards and show how were aligned with my priorities as aauthentic you are to others.person and professionally. What attracted you to Perdue? Why are you comfortable beingERIKA MACK2020 has taught us all theyour authentic self at Perdue? Senior Merchandising Manager, importance of food supply and Anyone who knows me orE-Commercehow fragile some of thehas worked with me knows ISalisbury, Marylandfundamentals in our world can am infamous for my incessant be and its special to be an integralquestions and my drive to get to part of that every single day.the root cause or core of the issue As tough as 2020 has been, itsthat when addressed, will set us made me appreciate the role I playforward.Not all conversations are in so many other lives and that iseasy, but when your co-workers are not something that is easily found all collectively working towards the at other companies. same goals, it is worth it. The team atmosphere at Perdue makes it easy to be my authentic self.SONYA WHITED What attracted you to Perdue? Why are you comfortable being Senior Director of Growing up in New Jersey andyour authentic self at Perdue?Retail Product Development, working in Jersey (at Unilever) forThe environment at thePerdue Innovation Center12 years including my high schoolInnovation Center, and through Salisbury, Marylandinternship, I was interested incross-functional relationships has seeing 'what else was out there'. a setting to express my personality, When an opportunity to become anmy thoughts and recommendations. 'inaugural' member in the ProcessI believe that bringing my whole Engineering group in R&D cameself to work allows me to be my along, I decided to interviewforbestit is my own self-care and it the first time in 13 years. I enjoyedis a benefit to the company. Over the the people that I interviewed andlast 15 years, I have met and worked the family-owned culture of thewith great people whom I enjoy.company, though honestly therural area was different frommy location of 10 minutes away from New York City.PEOPLE & PARTNERS 26Our Associates"