b"PERDUE FIRST U.S. POULTRY COMPANYTO ACHIEVE GREENCIRCLE ZERO WASTETO LANDFILL CERTIFICATIONTo become our first operation to receive the GreenCircle Zero Waste to Landfill certification, Wastewater Manager Ashton Weller and the Lewiston, N.C. recycle team successfully diverted 8.4 million pounds ofwaste in 2019.This means that 100 percent of their waste was reused, recycled or incinerated for energy, also known as waste to energy, instead of being sent to a landfill. As a company Perdue is focused on continuous improvement, so our goal is to have five additional facilities go through the certification process in 2022.To receive the certification, Lewiston underwent a rigorous seven-step audit and assessment certification process that included auditing all waste streams, inspecting all waste receptacles and assessing all of their 21 third-party, waste-removal vendors to ensure the waste was being disposed of in accordance with GreenCircles exacting standards.More than three million pounds of waste was converted to energy,which made up 39 percent of the operation's waste. Another 35 percent,or 2.9 million pounds, was recycled, and 13 percent, or more than one million pounds, was reused in the form of biosolids. The team was recognized for repairing dollies that were used to house trays of packed chicken, as opposed to throwing them away.Lewiston was our first operation to undergo GreenCircle certification because they had a track record of increasing the amount of the wastethey diverted over the past two years. ENVIRONMENT 25"