b'CONCORD, N.C. AND BRIDGEWATER, VA. OPERATIONS CREATE NEW WATER SOURCE TO REDUCE OUTSIDE WATER USAGE AND SAVE 926K GALLONS OF WATERIn 2019, our Concord and Bridgewater operations installed 55-gallon collection sumps similar to rain barrels used in residential settings to collect rainwater and capture condensation from the roof-mounted air units at each facility. Essentially, this took water that collects on the roof air conditioners and re-purposed it for use in another part of the facility.Many of our facilities have evaporative condensers on the roof that are essential to the refrigeration process. As part of that process, hot gas is pumped to condensers on the roof to be cooled. The captured water is sprayed on tubes containing the gas, cooling them down. This also allows the gas to be reused.By creating this new free source of water, we reduced the amount of water purchased from the cities where the facilities are located. In just seven months, Concord captured more than 560,000 gallons of water. Within four months, Bridgewater collected in excess of 366,000 gallons. Collectively, they saved more than $9,000 in water purchased. There were a few unexpected benefits from this as well. This new system also allowed us to reuse wastewater, as opposed to sending it to our pretreatment wastewater plant, thereby reducing the zinc levels in our plant discharge. Additionally, the life of our condensers, used for cooling purposes, was extended because zinc is a natural corrosion inhibitor.26 ENVIRONMENT'