b'GROUNDBREAKING ASSOCIATE INCLUSION NETWORK (GAIN)Our Groundbreaking Associate Inclusion Network ARGs mission is to foster a sense of belonging for all people of color at Perdue Farms under the tagline of Together We Gain and unleash our full potential. Last year, GAIN engaged associates in free trainings and webinars, a Dont Quit campaign, Martin Luther King Community Day of Service and associate recognition around Black History Month.INTERFAITH AND SPIRITUALASSOCIATE RESOURCE GROUPThe Interfaith and Spiritual Associate ResourceGroup is committed to being an essential resource for the assistance, education, tranquil space and outreachto all associates and the community in order to builda strong network of associate care as well ascommunity well-being.We take pride in the diversity of our workforce and the manner in which our facilities attract and bring together people from different racial, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. - Kathryn Danko,Chief Diversity OfficerPEOPLE & PARTNERS 28Our Associates'