b'POULTRY LITTER A VALUABLEGEORGETOWN, DE. RESOURCE FOR FARMERSFACILITY REDUCESWHO RAISE OUR POULTRY GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS BY 56%The farmers who raise our poultry retain ownership oftheir litter because it is a resource that has value to them.By installing a Dissolved Air Flotation For farmers whose crops need the nutrients in poultry litter,unit, also known as a DAF, our it can offset the costs of chemical fertilizers while improvingGeorgetown, DE. harvest plant greatly soil quality. For those who cannot or do not want to use reduced the amount of methane their litter, it is an agricultural commodity that can be sold produced in its anaerobic lagoon by to generate additional farm income or bartered.decreasing the amount of organic materials sent to the lagoon to be Since poultry houses are enclosed and there is no liquidbroken down by bacteria. waste, there is no manure discharge from poultry houses. The small amount of manure deposited outside the houseInstead of going straight to the lagoon, on free-range farms helps to support the vegetation in theuntreated wastewater was injected with pasture area.air to create micro bubbles that help the organic materials in it, including We require all of our poultry farmers to have a nutrientfat, oil and grease, float to the top. The management plan for the poultry operation. In addition, statematerials then solidify into a sludge, regulations, such as the Phosphorus Management Tool (PMT)making them easy to remove. in Maryland, further regulate the movement and placement of poultry litter and fertilizers. Litter, like any other fertilizer,In 2019, the facility again reduced the is used by farmers in accordance with nutrient managementamount of methane produced by 50 plans that match fertilizer application to the needs of eachpercent, which was the equivalent crop, minimizing the potential for nutrient runoff. of more than 6,000 tons of organic materials not going to the lagoon. While poultry farmers are responsible for making sure Additionally, the life of the lagoon was litter from their farms goes to an approved use, crop farmingextended for the foreseeable future. and poultry production are two separate activities.Since being installed in 2018, the DAF has kept more than 8,000 tons ofThe amount of nutrients applied to crops is regulated organic material from creating methane by nutrient management plans and other applicable emissions as part of the break down state regulations, and crop farmers apply fertilizer process. accordingly. Therefore, the presence of poultryoperations does not change the amount of nutrients Our 20-year agreement with BioEnergy applied to land, but the source of those nutrients Devco will allow us to take this material may differ.to their anaerobic digester, onceLitter stored on the farm is kept in covered storageconstructed, where it will be used to buildings to prevent runoff.create renewable gas. 28 ENVIRONMENT'