b'PANORAMA MEATS PARTNERS WITHCALIFORNIA RANGELAND TRUST, MAKINGRANCHING VIABLE IN THE GOLDEN STATEPanorama Meats has been a proud supporter of the California Rangeland Trust since its founding in 2002. Panorama began contributing a percentage of sales to the trust in 2009, which has accumulated to $125,000 in the last decade.California Rangeland Trust works to preserve California ranching families as well as preserve the environmental integrity of the land they work through conservation easements and monitoring. Ranching is under the constant threat of being slowly phased out of our economy for land development and imported cattle. The trust has been able to conserve more than 300,000 acres across California with another 204,796 acres on a waiting list. The environmental impact of the Rangeland Trust protects not only livestock but also local wildlife as well as providing a carbon sink for emissions, while maintaining the states ground water supply which is depleted more each year.Panoramas support of this trust is an extension of its commitment to improving the standard of living for ranchers, as well as the cultural legacy of California ranching and across the U.S. This partnership brings Panorama closer to our goals of being better for the land, better for the cattle, better for the U.S. rancher and better for customers.ENVIRONMENT 29'