b'A Message From Our Chairman And CEOAs we reflect on the past year, one of uncertainty, unprecedented challenges and hope amid a global pandemic, it reminds us of whats most importantthe health and safety of our associates, our family and friends, and the strength of our communities. We also marked our 100th year in business as a family-owned American company.We also believe that our focus on people and the importance of family gaveus a strong foundation to navigate the challenges of the past year.Perdue Farms has a century of experience navigating through tough moments, but nothing preparedus for the relentless challenges of the pandemic. Our resiliency and a commitment to remain trueto our core values of quality, integrity, teamwork and stewardship kept us grounded and focused onmaking the best decisions for our associates, our partners, our communities and our consumers. We are incredibly thankful for our associates and farmers for their continued dedication andservice in fulfilling their essential roles to help keep American families fed.As this report was being compiled, hope was on the horizon for individuals and families asCOVID-19 vaccines were rolled out across the country, enabling millions of people to be vaccinated.We continued to leverage partnerships with local health departments and hospital partners toprovide vaccine access to associates and their family members.Food insecurity across the country rose significantly as the pandemic sidelined millions of U.S. workers,forcing families who had never sought food assistance before to reach out to their local food banks andpantries for help putting a meal on the table. We leveraged our resources as a food company to providemillions of pounds of protein donations through our Delivering Hope To Our Neighbors initiative tofood bank partners and community-based relief efforts to help ease the burden for families.Over the last year, we have continued our leadership in raising animals without antibiotics,elevating advances in animal care, strengthening relationships with our farmers, while continuing to listenand learn from our stakeholders. Were committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce to drivethe rich collaboration we need to help our business grow and create opportunities for our associates.As we proceed into our second century, we continue to striveto be the best we can be through our vision: to be themost-trusted name in food and agriculture products.We strive to align our practices with the values of our stakeholders and, in doing so, act responsibly.In this report, we are proud to share the progressweve made during a difficult and challenging time,but we are certainly not done. Our hope is for an end to the pandemic in the year ahead, while holding true to these certainties: keep our associates, their families,and communities safe, and keep America fed.Thank you for reading!Jim Perdue, Chairman Randy Day, CEOCHAIRMAN AND CEO MESSAGE 4'