b"CHAIRMAN AND CEO'S MESSAGEProgress through PartnershipsOur values were established a century ago on Arthur and Pearl Perdues familyfarm, and they continue to guide our actions today as we work toward our Vision:To be the most trusted name in food and agricultural products. In our 100th yearin business, we are able to draw on a solid foundation, our core values of quality,integrity, teamwork and stewardship, to guide us through these turbulent times andinto the next 100 years. These values are the basis by which we work with ourassociates, farmers, customers and consumers as we find new ways to deliveron the most basic of needs - safe, nutritious food.Over the past year, we have continued to make advances in animal care, product innovation and environmental stewardship. Much of that progress would not have been possible without the support and involvement of others. Indeed, a theme of teamworkand partnership is woven through this, our fourth Company Stewardship Report. From one of our newest acquisitions, Panorama Meats support of rangeland conservationists, to bioenergy partnerships, joint research with an animal welfare advocacy group, and volunteer and financial contributions to the many non-profits serving our communities, this has been a year that illustrates we are truly all in this together. As this report was being compiled, our company, the country and the world wasfaced with the unprecedented challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.Suddenly things we may have taken for grantedour health, our relationships,our workwere at risk. We as a company and as individuals were asked to takemeasures to collectively counter the threat and protect the larger community.Through partnering with the government, communities, our associates, farmersand customers, we faced these challenges and developed solutions together.Our next century will be driven by consumer-focused innovation grounded in our time-tested values. Product innovation based on how we raise animals, which includes outdoor access for more chickens, options for meeting a variety of consumer and customer needs such as veggie-and-chicken blended items or online product offerings and being good stewards of the environment through ingenuity and continuous improvement will propelour company forward. And by continuingto work together, we will be successfulfor generations to come. Jim Perdue, Chairman Randy Day, CEOCHAIRMAN AND CEOS MESSAGE 3"