b'We continue to comply with all applicable wage and hour laws and regulations, including those related to minimum wage, overtime compensation, piece rates and any/all legally mandated benefits. We ensure all associates work within the limitsof regular and overtime hours. When overtime isrequired, those associates are normally granted atleast one day off in every seven-day period.We pay punch-to-punch to ensure our associatesare paid for all donning and doffing time. We conductmonthly First and Last Principal Activity audits inall plants to ensure we remain in full compliance.We provide associates a full accounting of all timeworked, with direct deposit to a debit card or bankaccount. We have kiosks at all our plants whereassociates can view or print pay stubs, or theycan view them online. In most of our production facilities, we provide In particular, Perdue Farms requires thattwo 30-minute breaks per day, and in others, everyone in our supply chains adhere to an absolute we provide one 30-minute lunch break and two prohibition on the use of human trafficking, slaveryother shorter breaks.or involuntary labor of any kind, including child labor and indentured labor. We maintain adequate staff to accommodate associate requests for bathroom breaks within a reasonable time, and we pride ourselves on the cleanliness and appearance of our restroom facilities. We publish all associate policies and procedures for our associates to view via kiosks in our plants or from their HR departments. We also require that our associates and anyone working on our behalfincluding business partners, vendors, service providers, independent contractors and each of their subcontractorscomply with all the laws and regulations in the countries in which they and Perdue operate, as well as with our companys procedures and policies. 33 PEOPLE & PARTNERSOur Associates'