b'OUR FOURTH ANIMAL CARE SUMMIT HIGHLIGHTS CONTINUED PROGRESS IN CHICKEN WELFAREIn July, we released the 2019 Perdue Commitment to Animal Care Report at our fourth annual Animal Care Summit held in Salisbury, MD. The summit brought together animal care thought leaders, representatives of animal welfare advocacy groups such as the Humane Society of the United States, Compassion in World Farming and Business Benchmark for Farm Animal Welfare, leading retail and foodservice customers and Perdue farmers to share updates on our advancements in animal care and garner feedback fromthe participants. The summit provided the opportunity to share progress in learning about alternative breeds,chicken activity and chicken house enrichments, and to learn from participants on ways to impactchicken welfare in measurable ways.We reported on progress made against our 2018 goals and new initiatives being undertakenas part of Perdues industry-leading focus on chicken welfare, including: Expanding the number of farms with free-range, outdoor access. Continuing to make substantial improvement in paw (foot) health over the winter months,indicating a better environment for the chickens.Actively studying alternative breeds.Better understanding the contributions of windows, enrichments and space in encouragingmore bird movement as Perdue works toward its goal of doubling chicken activity. Increasing the number of chicken houses with windows.For 2019, Perdue announced new initiatives to further enhance chicken health and comfort at all life stages. Parent breeder issues, including weight management approaches for pullets, early chick care and challenges special to chickens raised to heavier weights, are focuses.ANIMAL CARE 33'