b'CARPENTER FAMILY WINS CHICKENWELFARE ENRICHMENT DESIGN CONTESTWe challenged family farmers in our network to invent and build innovative ways to improve animal care in the first-ever Chicken Welfare Enrichment Design Contest. We received more than 30 submissions for creative new enrichment designs that allow chickens to roost, perch, play and exercise in different ways.The Carpenter Bench, designed and built by the Carpenter family from Wadesboro, N.C. bested the competition by creating a design that was both beneficial for the chickens and easy to build, store and integrate into chicken houses for the farmers. While the chickens enjoying the enrichments was a given priority for judging, the ease of use for farmers was also a primary factor. A second, two-part contest is underway, focused on the farmers who have been raising birds with outdoor access. We want to know who gets the most birds outside and why. We are hoping to learn from our farmers with experience with outdoor access why birds in some houses go outside and utilize the free-range areas more than those in other houses or on other farms. Farmers raising the organic and free-range flocks that now comprise 25 percent of our overall production will submit videos of chickens using outside enrichments, food and water sources and describe the steps they take to stimulate their use. In the first year of the contest, we will reward farmers who are successful in getting the most birds outside.In the second year we will challenge farmers to develop new ideas and hacks to go beyond simply providing outside access and identify management changes that will encourage more chickens to utilize outdoor areas. Key learnings will be shared among existing farmers and to new free-range growers as more farms convert to growing programswith outdoor access.34 ANIMAL CARE'