b'A Right To Be HeardEmployee Rights, Voice And EngagementWe prefer to take a team approachschedule ensures we include as to management, and the Perduemany of our hourly associates as Continuous Improvement Processpossible during the year.Our Open-Door Policy allows anyencourages associate involvementassociate to speak to any member ofand engagement by seeking theirWe provide all associates withmanagement at any time. input, experience and insights toseveral mechanisms to address Our Speak Up, Were Listeninghelp us improve our processes,any grievances.confidential hotline allows associatesincrease efficiencies and reduceto call a third-party, toll-free hotline towaste. Committees such as SafetyWe strive for an environment inanonymously report suspected illegalTeams, Diversity and Inclusionwhich a union would have nothingor unethical activity. Teams, Green Teams, and teamsto offer our associates. We believe Our Peer Review Program allowsfocused on food safety and qualitythat when and if problems arise,associates who have been disciplinedinclude both hourly and salariedthey are best worked out withor terminated to appeal their cases inassociates working together.honest and frank discussions infront of a panel of their peers, selected an atmosphere of mutual trust,by them, from a group of trainedWe hold associate roundtablesrespect and cooperation directlypanelists. If the panels decision is toon a regular basis in whichbetween management andremove the discipline or reinstate theassociates can bring up any topicassociates. associate, that decision is final.they wish to discuss. A rotating PEOPLE & PARTNERS 36Our Associates'