b'EXPANDING RESEARCH CAPABILITIES TO BUSINESSFACILITATE CONTINUOUS BENCHMARK ON FARMIMPROVEMENTANIMAL WELFARE Getting chicks off to a strong start, optimal feeding TIER TWO RANKINGand continuing to learn about alternative breeds are FOR THIRD YEARthe drivers behind new research farm investments. We are testing on-farm hatching - taking eggs from For the third consecutive year, we rankedthe hatchery to the farm at 18 days embryonation Tier Two in the Business Benchmark on Farmand hatching in a system that accommodates chicks Animal Welfare report, the leading globalhatching at different times. It is also designed to measure of policy commitment, performanceprovide access to feed upon hatching to help chicks and disclosure on animal welfare in foodget off to a strong start. companies. A Tier Two ranking recognizes that we have made farm animal welfare an integralA new research house at our Westover Research part of our business strategy, and places usFarm in Maryland is dedicated to testing various among the top 15 percent of more than 150feed formulations to determine the optimal global food companies ranked in the report,nutrition for different breeds and life stages. in the top 7 percent of U.S. food companies ranked, and one of only two U.S. poultry orAnd, we are moving our work with alternative meat companies to achieve Tier Two or higher. breeds from research-size pens to small production-scale flocks to begin developing new The report cites Perdues Research Farm,products and solicit consumer feedback. our latest Animal Care Report, our annual Animal Care Summit and financial incentivesPerdue is partnering with advocacy group Mercy we introduced to ensure that broiler farmerfor Animals on research into unique challenges income is not negatively impacted by thein raising chickens to heavier weights. The implementation of higher welfare measures,collaboration on study design and protocols isas proof points in support of our high ranking.the first such research partnership for Perdue. ANIMAL CARE 35'