b'NEW POULTRY LEARNING CENTER SHOWCASES COMMITMENT TO TRANSPARENCY AND ANIMAL CARE A new Poultry Learning Center has debuted at Cooley Farms near Roberta, GA. At this new educational facility, the family hosts guests of all ages for a transparent, interactive experience to learn about various aspects of poultry farming and proper animal care.Built seamlessly into the side of a working chicken house, the learning center includes a large viewingroom that allows guests to observe the birds undisturbed in their environment. Educational videos explain what visitors see inside the chicken house, as well as the timeline from when farmers receive the birds to how they raise and care for them while theyre on the farm. Additionally, guests have the opportunity for hands-on learning using actual poultry equipment that replicates what they see through the window including mechanized feeders and waterers and automated temperature-control technology. The Cooleys, a multi-generation farm family, have been raising poultry for Perdue Farms since 2004 and are the second Perdue farm family to install a viewing room at their farm. A third viewing farm in North Carolina will open for visitors in mid-2020. 36 ANIMAL CARE'