b'PERDUE FARMER USES SOCIAL MEDIA TO OPEN THE CHICKEN HOUSE DOORS Perdue farmer Bobbi Jo Webber was profiled in Delmarva Farmer, a regional farm publication, for her use of social media to show people how her family raises organic chicken for Perdue Farms Coleman Natural Foods. Along with managing eight chicken houses, Webber, her husband Matt and Matts father, Bill, farm 1,500 acres near Clayton, DE. According to the story, during the long hours on the tractor and growing chickens, she soon realized there was a lot she could show people who dont know how farms operate. The following is excerpted from the article. So many people are removed from the ag world, Bobbi Jo said. So I thought, Why dont I use the platform to show people what we do.Bobbi Jo started the Facebook page, Webber Family Farm, in 2017 with a string of posts titled Follow the Field that ran the length of a season growing timothy hay. With positive feedback from that effort, she launched Follow the Flock, taking followers inside the chicken house from Day 0 when chicks arrive to the day they leave.Since starting the page, shes been invited to speak on two discussion panels, one directed toward animal care groups at Perdues Animal Care Summit and another for employees at Butcher Box, a subscription meat delivery service. The increased attention to the farm has also brought a few school groups to the farm for field trips. The Webbers showed the students the chicken houses and took them to wetland areas on the farm that illustrates how water from the farm is filtered naturally as it moves. She said that while its been great to open the doors of the farm to a few local groups, using social media helps her reach people farther away and keep the farm open, in a sense, when heightened biosecurity or other reasons arent conducive to visitors. ANIMAL CARE 37'