b'Throughout the pandemic, Perdue Farms providedwasted no time jumping in to help, providing mealssupport to its neighbors in numerous ways, including: to the firefighters battling wildfires and partneringwith independent chefs and restaurateurs to provide In 2020, Perdue Farms delivered $1 million in thank you meals after the flames were out, thusgrants from our charitable giving arm the Franklin providing critical financial support for localP. and Arthur W. Perdue Foundation in celebration establishments.of our 100th anniversary year. Grants totaling In eastern North Carolina, Perdue Farms donated$100,000 each to 10 food bank partners in our 10,000 pounds of nutritious proteinmore thancommunities provided resources that have enhanced 8,300 meal equivalentsto feed families of childrentheir ability to meet the demand for nutritious protein enrolled in the Youth Bertie Inc. Backpack Program.during the pandemic. Grants funded such assets as The collaboration between Perdue, the Food Bankrefrigerated trailers, vans, freezers, and warehouse of the Albemarle, Youth Bertie Inc. and Goodequipment and technology to better manageShepherd Food Pantry helped ease the burden offood inventory. food insecurity for more than 200 elementary schoolchildren and their families. Niman Ranch rewarded food heroes who steppedup to help their communities during COVID-19 withdonations of Certified Humane meats to supporttheir relief efforts. These donations continued a series of initiatives from Niman Ranch to support therestaurant sector and impacted communities duringthe pandemic, including an $80,000 restaurant relieffund and donations of more than 70,000 servings of In Maryland, we partnered with Wicomico County protein to those in need.Public Schools as part of the elementary physicaleducation and heath curriculum to provide studentswith fun and fitness bags to support them beingactive at home while learning remotely. A PerdueFoundation grant enabled the school system topurchase backpacks to hold fitness equipment. In Annapolis, MD., Perdue Farms provided 33,000protein meals to the West Annapolis Pop Up Pantry to help more than 500 under-served families put a meal on the table. Hungry bellies cant fight illness, foster childrensgrowth or contribute to productive lives. ThisIn northern California, where people were already donation helps our families do all of these things.reeling from the effects of the pandemic, - Diana Love, Co-founder of West Annapolis Pantrya catastrophic fire season in the fall of 2020disproportionately served up a menu ofunprecedented losses to navigate. Niman Ranch39 PEOPLE & PARTNERSCommunities'