b'COLEMAN NATURAL FOODS JOINS AMERICAN HUMANE, FARMERS AND LEADING FOOD ORGANIZATIONS ON CAPITOL HILL TO URGE AMERICANS TO SET A HUMANE TABLE FOR THE HOLIDAYS AND SUPPORT HUMANE FARM PRACTICES As families across the country prepared for their Thanksgiving feasts, American Humane went to Capitol Hill with farmers and leaders in the food industry who have committed to humane practices to take part in a congressional briefing on The Humane Table. Hosted by the Congressional Humane Bond Caucus, the briefing outlined advances in humane agriculture, called on the American public to support humane farming practices and celebrated the farmers and ranchers who work to feed the world and raise their animals right.This year, Mel Coleman, Jr., Vice President of Coleman Natural Foods and fifth generation of the founding Coleman family, spoke at the event: Weve been committed to excellence in animal welfare standards since my family started ranchingin 1875, said Coleman. Sometimes it takes looking back to our roots, and doing things the way nature intended, to really get it right. We owe it to ourselves to leave the land and livestock in better conditionthan we inherited it. As one of only two pork producers to be American Humane Certified, Coleman Natural Foods servedas a thought leader among other top protein producers.38 ANIMAL CARE'