b'Building Bridges In CommunitiesJoining Forces With BaltimorePolice And CommunitiesIn Baltimore, Perdue Farms joined the Baltimore Police Department and Somebody Cares Baltimore to provide protein to more than 1,700Because of your generosity, we were families in three local neighborhoods as part of the 2020 Nationalable to distribute chicken to hundreds Faith & Blue Weekend, a powerful initiative that builds bridges to moreof our neighbors. Joey Calloway was engaged communities. At the heart of this initiative is the reinforcementthe coolest and best driver. One lady we of connections between law enforcement professionals and theserved was 84 years old and wept as she communities they serve. told us she hadnt been checked on for months and had not had groceries for three weeks. The generosity of not only the chicken but the support of so many to help us was just a refreshing and remarkable experience. - Matt Stevens, President and Founder, Somebody Cares BaltimorePEOPLE & PARTNERS 40Communities'