b'EXECUTIVE SUMMARYFY2020 HighlightsAs we look back at our Fiscal Year 2020 (April 2019-March 2020), it was a year of new product innovation. Offering consumers greater access to our products through e-commerce. Providing chickens greater outdoor access and advancing our industry-leading animal care commitments. Making progress in the key areas of environment, diversity and inclusion, communities and people and reinforcing our stewardship platform: We believe in responsible food and agriculture. The promise of a new year in 2020 also marked the launch of our Companys 100th anniversary and a celebration of our heritage and hope for our next century. Our strong values that helped shape our first 100 years, helped guide us through the unprecedented challenges brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic.FOODWe believe in responsibly producing safe, high-quality, trusted and affordable food. Diversified our offerings by introducing plant-based chickenproduct line.Continued to introduce new products across our portfolio thatmet demand for both convenience and sustainability. ENVIRONMENTWe believe in being responsible stewards of our natural resources. Made progress on our five-year goal for solid waste reduction,while we lagged on our goals for reduction in greenhouse gas and water use.Struck a 20-year partnership to improve the health of theChesapeake Bay and coastal watersheds. ANIMAL CAREWe believe in responsibly raising animals for food.Hosted our fourth Animal Care Summit, reporting our progress towardgoals outlined in 2017 and committing to next steps.Achieved Tier Two rankingthe second bestin the global 2019Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare for the third straight year.Worked with farmers to create better poultry house enrichments. Continued to bring higher welfare levels to live bird handling,beginning at the farm. 4 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY'