b'Organic and Free-Range ChickensAll our organic and other free-range chickens are raised on farms that provide: Natural sunlight Open, fresh-air ventilation Enrichments, such as bales of hay or straw, thatadd complexity to the chickens environmentAccess to outdoor areas that are typically atleast half the size of the chicken houseMultiple doors - situated approximately every Coleman Natural Hogs50 feet - running the length of the chickenOur Coleman hog operations are free of gestation house to encourage birds to go outdoorsand farrowing crates and are American HumaneSunshades or awnings over each doorway Certified. Outdoor water accessWe work directly with family farmers who share ourPastures with a mixture of grass and earthen commitment to raising hogs without antibiotics orareas, allowing the birds to forage and take ractopamine and in a low-stress environment. Our hogs are raised in a combination of pastures, hoop dust bathsbarns, outdoor lots and controlled-atmosphere barns with fresh-air ventilation.American Humane Association certificationprovides third-party verification for every step of live production, transport and harvesting. Furthermore, some of our hogs are raised in accordance with the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) standards.Global Animal Partnership (GAP)Certified FarmsIn addition, our organic chickens are raised on farms rated GAP 2 or higher by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP). On GAP 2-4 farms, to protect birds from the elements, they are allowed outside during the daytime once their feathers are fully developed, which is typically around 4 weeks of age. Birds may come indoors at night and when temperatures are too cold for their comfort. For GAP 5 farms, birds have outdoor perches and are allowed 24-hour access to the pasture area. This program uses a breed that is better suited to the outdoors. ANIMAL CARE 41'