b"Niman RanchAll Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Beef comes from Niman Ranch is a community of more than 750animals raised entirely on grass and Born andindependent family farmers and ranchers who raiseRaised in the USA. Panorama Meats follows apork, beef and lamb traditionally, humanely andranch-to-retail trace-back system that verifies sustainably to deliver the Finest Tasting Meat in that each animal spent its entire life on a ranch in the World. the United States. We also follow the USDAs strict organic grass-fed feeding practices and protocols.NIMAN RANCH products are all third-party certified under the Certified Humane program and from animals raised by small, independent U.S. family farmers and ranchers who adhere to some of the strictest animal welfare protocols in the industry, including: No antibiotics - EVER No added hormones - EVER No beta antagonists or other growth-promoting drugs Never fed animal by-products No gestation or farrowing crates Panorama cattle are never administered hormones or antibiotics and never fed animal by-products.Hogs, sheep and cattle raised outside Our ranchers participate in the Global Animal or in deep bedding Partnership (GAP) program and are audited everySheep finished in a lot that meets 15 months through independent third parties.Niman Ranchs requirements Cattle raised on pasture and finished on a lot Class of 2024 Commitments Were committed to meeting demand from on the ranch or a Niman Ranch partner's lot. current and future customers who desire a Many of our products are raised in accordance withsustainable supply of chicken that meets all the the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) standards. 2024 animal welfare criteria outlined in the Joint Animal Protection Agency Statement on Broiler Panorama Meats Chicken Welfare Issues and by the Global Animal Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Beef is producedPartnership (GAP). Our commitment includes:by family ranchers in the United States who raise Offering slower-growing breeds withEnglish cattle breeds on Certified Organic grasses measurably higher welfare outcomes andand range forage. Ranchers who raise Panorama reduced stocking densitycattle treat the animals humanely in low-stress Providing enhanced housing environments,environments and employ pasture rotation and ncluding brighter light, improved litteriland-management practices that promote animalconditions and enrichments that encourage health and protect delicate rangeland ecosystems. normal behaviorsConverting from electrical to controlledatmosphere stunning and demonstrating compliance via third-party verification. 42 ANIMAL CARE"