b'Specialty Seeds Include SunflowersSpecialty Seeds & Oils: Diversifying CropRotations And Producing Heart-Healthy OilsConsumers are trending toward heart-healthy, plant-based foodOhio farmer Todd Miller grows 30 acres of sunflower for Perdue AgriBusinessand wellness products. Perdue AgriBusiness is a leader in this2020 was a good experience raisingOnce in bloom the sunflowers were category of heart-healthy oilssunflowers for Perdue. A cold wetenjoyed by honeybees and neighbors. from plants. We contract withspring caused us to have to replantThe field yielded above expectations, farmers to grow specialty seedsthe entire field, but Mike Garland, oureven with a drought in the summer such as high oleic soybeans orPerdue agronomist, was helpful inmonths. The only fertilizer that was high oleic sunflowers. Farmersquickly getting us sunflower seedsused was one ton of chicken litter an can diversify their crop rotationsfor the replanting. After a good standacre. Everyone we talked to at Perdue and earn a premium on thewas established, the sunflowerswas helpful and easy to work with. We specialty seed. Perdue crusheswere cultivated several times beforelook forward to raising sunflowers for the oilseeds, refines the oils,growing tall enough to shade outPerdue in 2021.and sells it to manufacturers ofmuch of the weed pressure.consumer products such as coffee creamers or breakfast bars. Perdue AgriBusiness is a bridge between farmers and product manufacturers.47 PEOPLE & PARTNERSOur Agricultural Customers & Grain Farmers'