b'Certified Heart HealthyFor seven years, PerduePerdue AgriBusiness sells its high-oleic soybean oilAgriBusiness has contractedin bulk to meet customers specifications for a varietywith East Coast farmers to raiseof todays food processing applications.Pioneer brand Plenish high-oleic soybeans. Farmers can now takeMore and more companies are seeking high-oleic pride in knowing the soybeansproducts and we remain committed to being a leaderthey raise are producing high- in meeting the demand, which also allows farmers to oleic soybean oil that has earned the American Heartreceive a premium for growing high-oleic soybeans, Associations Heart-Check certification mark. Thehelping increase their on-farm profitability.iconic Heart-Check mark helps take the guess work out when reading nutrition facts and label information.Perdue Animal Nutrition:Science Based. Research Driven.Since the 1990s, Perdues Animal Nutrition Group hasBy focusing on a healthy digestive tract first, Perdue been developing precision feed ingredients and Animal Nutrition helps create an environment for providing technical support for the poultry and dairyeffective conversion and absorption of amino acids and industries. Today, they feed approximately 10% offatty acids to enhance nutrient utilization and support the conventional U.S. dairy herd and work with topanimal well-being.poultry farmers. In addition, Animal Nutrition recently introduced organic feed ingredients tailored to theOur six PhDs work with nutritional consultants, who are nutritional needs of organic dairy cows, calves,part of each farmers business team, to help optimizechickens and laying hens. feed formulations to improve farmer profitability.PEOPLE & PARTNERS 48Our Agricultural Customers & Grain Farmers'