b'ENGAGING OUR ASSOCIATESWe have a number of Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) designed to help us build a diverse, inclusive and engaged workforce and workplace. Our associates are the backbone of our company and our success, so its important that we attract, develop and retain a workforce that reflects the diversity of our stakeholders and our communities.PERDUE ORGANIZATION FOR WOMENWomen have been the backbone of Perdue Farms since our inception, and our Perdue Organization for Women (POW) Associate Resource Group continues that tradition. POW advocates for women, encourages their voices in business decisions and supports Perdues value of teamwork by promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace that is reflective of our stakeholders. They host a variety of events throughout the year, including book shares on timely topics and webinars to help both men and women empower themselves and others to grow professionally and personally.VETERANS RECOGNIZED FOR THEIR SERVICEPerdue is proud to count military veterans and their families amongstour associates. Our Veterans Associate Resource Group (VARG) fostersan esprit de corps and supports the veterans and active duty community, as well their friends and family, via numerous activities and events.All year long, associates are invited to donate care package items tobe sent to those currently serving our country. Each Memorial Day and Veterans Day, VARG hosts a special gathering to honor and celebratethose who have died while serving in the military and all those whohave or are currently serving. DISABILITIES ASSOCIATE RESOURCE GROUPThe Perdue Farms Disabilities Associate Resource Group is dedicated to providing support to associates with physical and/or mental disabilities, as well as those with family members with disabilities. It also promotes awareness and acceptance of individuals with disabilities. They provide information to associates about disabilities, and the help that is available, such as transportation, counseling, employment support and educational and advocacy resources. Our newest ARG, Disabilities sponsored Perdues first Autism Awareness Month that included the corporate office being lit up in blue lights as part of nationwide efforts to encourage acceptance and appreciation of individuals living with autism.48 PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR ASSOCIATES'