b"Chesapeake Deepwater PortInternational Markets: An AdditionalOutlet For U.S. Farmer GrainSince 2019, Perdue AgriBusinessthe loading enhancements we madeof 9,000 metric tonnes and two has been selling soybeans to Herunat our Chesapeake, VA., deepwaterintegrated oil refineries. In 2019, Group Co., Ltd., dba Chinasea,terminal, result in considerablethey were ranked 162nd among the a diversified private enterpriselogistical efficiencies to the top 500 private enterprises in China. covering grain and oil processing,supply chain which enhance logistics, petroleum storage andprofitability for both partners In 2017, they entered the Brazilian trade, real estate development, and provide an additional outlet market and built the world's largest and industrial investment.for U.S. farmer grain. dedicated grain port in So Luis, Brazil. This grain port enabled During the U.S. export season,Since its founding in 1979, ChinaseaChinasea to establish an oilseed Chinasea buys a vessel of soybeanshas built a modern intermodallogistics network connecting road, from Perdue on a monthly basis.transportation and logistics systemrail, rivers, seas, and warehousing Sales to Chinasea enhance ourin China moving grain from theto promote large-scale storage, U.S. soybean value chain and addnorth to the south on roads, rail,transportation and processing diversity to our customer base inand water. They are one of thethroughout Southeast Asia, China. Their ability to dischargelargest privately owned crushersArgentina, Brazil, and the U.S. soybeans quickly, combined within China with a daily crush capacity 49 PEOPLE & PARTNERSOur Agricultural Customers & Grain Farmers"