b'15 DRIVERS ACHIEVE SAFE DRIVINGMILESTONESPerdue Transportation Inc. drivers are some of thesafest on the roadand are among our companys most visible ambassadors. In 2019,15 drivers joined an elite fraternity of driverswho achieved one, two or three million safe driving miles without a Department of Transportation recordable accident. HERE ARE THE NEWEST MEMBERS OF THE CLUB:Keith Clark Michael Lebo Rodney LeonardGeorgetown, DE. Salisbury, MD. Georgetown, DE.1 MILLIONWilfred Gray King Taylor Chris McQueenAccomac, VA. Prince George, VA. Dillon, S.C.MILES Birdell Bishop Lemonte RobinsonAccomac, VA. Salisbury, MD.Harvie Locklear Gary JamesRockingham, N.C. Dillon, S.C.2 MILLIONIssac Gattis Melvin Trader Seamon JonesMILES Salisbury, MD. Accomac, VA. Perry, GA.3 MILLIONJames Davis Gralyn HinmonMILES Perry, GA. Accomac, VA.PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR ASSOCIATES 49'