b'FoodWe believe in responsibly producing safe,high-quality, trusted and affordable food. Delivering trust across multiple brands and products PERDUE ThanksNuggets Pack Thanksgiving intospecial nuggets Niman Ranch and Panorama Meats expand offerings Spot Farms one of first major pet treat brands tobecome 1% for the planet member A dedication to health and nutritionEnvironmentWe believe in being responsible stewardsof our natural resources. Tracking our aggressive five-yearsustainability goals Protecting our natural resources Working with Oyster Recovery Partnershipfor a healthier Chesapeake Bay Encouraging environmental sustainabilitythrough local innovationAnimal CareWe believe in responsibly raising animals for food. Were raising animals for higher standards We hosted our fifth Animal Care Summit, reportingour progress toward goals outlined in 2019 andcommitting to next steps We outlined new animal welfare initiatives Our farmer contest strives to get most birds ontofree-range pastures Our third poultry learning center focuses oneducation for community and classroomsEXECUTIVE SUMMARY 6'