b'CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVING ASSOCIATESAFETY, HEALTH AND WELLNESSOur safety programs create a culture of safety at our operations and position our workplaces as among the safest in the manufacturing sector, with key OSHA metrics better than the manufacturing sector as a whole, and among the best of poultry companies. We employ a full Corporate Safety and SecurityWe continue to evaluate new technology Staff, havesafety and security managers in eachto reduce risk exposures on our production lfacility and safety teamsconsisting of bothines. This includes adjustable workstationshourly and management associatesthat where our safety teams, including hourly constantly monitor safety procedures. We associates, provide input on ergonomics. continuously review and make improvements As evidence of our programs success,o our safety policies and procedures to Perdue was recognized in 2016 by OSHAtensure ongoing improvement. as a leader in ergonomic improvements.We provide new associate and ongoing safetyJob rotation is required and monitored. training, including training for new proceduresProper recording and reporting of all safetyand equipment to ensure ongoing safety. incidents, including near misses, is addressed Our sites have and continue to maintain during orientation and team meetingssafe line speeds. throughout the year. Most of Perdues on-site Wellness Centers include fully equipped doctors offices staffed by healthcare providers from the community, providing associates and their dependents convenient access to primary care. As of January 1, 2018, we eliminated the co-pay for associates participating in our health plan to use the Wellness Center, including doctor and other health care provider appointments. Associates can make appointments during work hours and stay on the clock during their appointments. Our voluntary Health Improvement Program (HIP) helps associates adopt healthy lifestyles and targets major preventable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, resulting in measurable improvements in associate health and wellness. PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR ASSOCIATES 53'