b"MEASURING AND INCREASING ASSOCIATE SATISFACTIONPerdue conducts 100 percent of associate surveys every twoyears, with pulse surveys of 25 percent of the workforce on thein-between years. These surveys are conducted by an outsidethird party specializing in employee surveys.INVESTING IN OUR ASSOCIATES' GROWTH ANDIN A PULSE SURVEY EDUCATION CONDUCTED IN 2019:We are committed to creating opportunities for our associates to grow, personally and professionally. In 2019, we expanded our companywide program to enable associates to earn an accredited high school90 % 88 % 82 %diploma through an online partnership with the Penn Foster Online High School Diploma program. Five students haveClearly understandHave a clear ideaAgree Perdue Farmscompleted and graduated thehow their jobof the resultshas created an program while 88 students werecontributes toexpected of environmentenrolled at the end of the year. achieving them in their job. where people ofcompany goals. diverse backgrounds can succeed.56 PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR ASSOCIATES"