b'A MISSION PARTNER WITH FEEDING AMERICAIn 2019, for the fourth year in a row, Feeding America recognized Perdue Farms as a Mission Partner for our donation of more than 4.5 million pounds of food products, primarily chicken. In 2020, Perdue Farms is doubling it annual protein commitment to Feeding America with a goal to provide a minimum 20 million pounds by 2025. Since 2000, we have provided the Feeding America networkof community food banks with more than 81 million pounds.Donated Pounds (millions)Meal Equivalents (millions),1 meal = 1.2 poundsPounds (millions)81+ Million 67+ Millionpounds of food donated to meal equivalents donated toFeeding America since 2000 Feeding America since 200062 PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR COMMUNITIES'