b'THE FRANKLIN P. ANDARTHUR W. PERDUE FOUNDATIONThe Franklin P. and Arthur W. Perdue Foundation is the charitable-giving arm of Perdue Farms. Through grants, we strive to support organizations and programs that benefit the communities where our associates live and work. We work to strengthen our communities by focusing our efforts on education, agriculture, the environment, health and social services, public safety and fighting hunger and poverty. We also support events that celebrate the heritages and cultures of our communities. In 2019, the Perdue Foundation Awarded awarded$1.364M TO 93NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Some of those included:$331K $194K$189K to fight hunger for social causes and mentoring for community improvementand poverty and public safety$177K$145K $100Kfor environmental in grants for educationin scholarshipsand agriculturaland literacyPEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR COMMUNITIES 65'