b"Oyster Recovery Partnership's Shell Recycling& Oyster Restoration LifecycleFo\x18\x19oW T\x13\x1bt Sh\x12\x19lEating oysters helps support local watermen, oyster farms and oyster restoration projects. ORPs Shell Recycling Alliance SM(SRA) partners with 225 restaurants, caterers, grocery stores and other seafood services in the Chesapeake Bay region. e\x1f\x1eLeftover shell is collected and recycled by ORPs Shell Recycling Alliance. Citizens can drop off shell for recycling at cO\x19\x18E\x17T many landfills.ORP takes the shell to the UMD Horn Point Oyster Hatchery where its aged and washed. pR\x1d\x1cUMD Scientists produce oyster SPAT SPATlarvae, which attaches to the SPATrecycled shell and grows intoSPATgR\x16w new oysters.Cages of recycled shells with baby oysters attached are provided to homeowners through the Marylanders Grow Oysters program.The mature oysters are later collectedplanted on community oyster reefs. pL\x1b\x1aTOysters clean the bay by filtering out suspended sediment and excess nutrients. Oyster reefs provide habitat for fish, crabs rE\x15\x14I\x18D and other important marine life.For more information, visit perduechesapeakewatershed.comENVIRONMENT 68"