b'Perdue Environmental Manager Caleb JonesEnvironmental Stewardship Is AnAccountability Across The OrganizationWe recognize that our consumers,we have to go beyond compliance customers and communitiesto actively address the full range The environmental goals, includingexpect us to be responsibleof environmental stewardshipgreenhouse gas emissions,stewards of our shared naturalchallenges related to animalwater use, energy use, recyclingresources. We also recognize thatagriculture and food production.and compliance, are factored intoproducing more with less is notWe know that environmentalmanagement compensation andthe full measure of sustainability,stewardship includes partneringrepresent an accountability that alland that we need to take a holisticwith and supporting effortsassociates shareapproach that overlaps with ourand organizations that bring We have environmental scorecardscommitments to food safetystakeholders together to protectfor each of our operations to track ourand quality, animal welfare,our natural resources. progress in reducing energy and water associate well-being, consumeruse, increasing recycling, and growingpreferences, community concernsWe count stewardship amongcommunity involvement and associateand supporting family farms. our core company values andengagementincorporate environmental In pursuit of our Vision to be thesustainability into our company Our senior leadership team andmost trusted name in food andgoals, which the senior leadershipboard review our environmental goalsagriculture products, we knowteam and board approve. and results, and those results factor in management compensation We have environmental managersresponsible for each of our largefacilities, and each facility has anenvironmental management systemto reduce environmental impacts andlower our overall carbon footprint69 ENVIRONMENT'