b'Encouraging EnvironmentalSustainability Through Local InnovationAs part of each Perdue facilitys EnvironmentalThe projects, led by Green Teams, engage bothSustainability Scorecard, each location is required hourly and salaried associates in sustainabilityto undertake an annual Facility Sustainability Project. efforts and further instill environmental stewardship The projects must show a reduction in emissions,and our value of teamwork in the workplace culture.wastewater, natural resources consumption orsolid waste.Here are some of our recent facility sustainability project successes: In Milford, DE., cardboardequivalent of approximatelyIn Monterey, TN., using treatedbins that could not be recycled 7,070 tons of CO2 emissions effluent instead of potablebecause of contaminationIn Bridgewater, VA., cleaning water enables the facility toissues were replaced by metal and refurbishing of a heat reuse approximately 11,200reusable bins and reduced exchanger used to pre-heat gallons per day or about 3.1the amount of cardboard goingwater going to the boilers million gallons per yearto landfills by approximately reduced energy consumption192,000 pounds per year by 4,400 BTUs and potable In Accomac, VA., the team water consumption byreduced the amount of 500,000 gallons per yearwastewater going throughIn our Perry, GA., cookthe anaerobic lagoon by and harvest plants, the45 million gallons per year, replacement of metal halidethus reducing greenhouse and mercury vapor lightinggas (GHG) emissions by 5% with LED lighting reducedor 3,250 tons of CO2energy consumption by In Georgetown, DE., by reusing approximately 229,000 kilowatt treated wastewater to process hours per yearoffal instead of potable waterIn Gainesville, GA., theto wash down the screens installation a water recyclingreduced the amount of potable system to use one-use coolingwater use by approximately water, capture the water, and29 million gallons per year use for washdown water savedIn Sioux Center, IA., they more than 1 million gallons ofpurchased renewable energy water a yearcredits to offset all electricityfor the facility, reducing theENVIRONMENT 70'