b'A Year Of COVID-19Our response focused on two important things: Ensuring the safetyof our associates and fulfilling our obligation to keep America fedAs we embarked on a new fiscal year in April 2020, the harshreality of the coronavirusPerdues facilities continued to We maintained an ongoingpandemic was intensifying acrossoperate with a heightened sensedialogue with associates andthe U.S., impacting our businessof safety for our associates. Theour communities about the impactand our communities. We were company implemented a vast arrayof COVID-19 on our business andin the midst of our companysof measures for their safety andprovided important information100th anniversary year, withwelfare: to our associates in multiplehopes for celebration and Where social distancing was languages to educate them oncommemoration of our heritage.not possible in our production safety requirements and CDCThose plans were set aside for afacilities, we installed thousands best practices for when they werelarger calling. of dividers between our associatesat work, at home and out in theon the production floor communityAs stay-at-home orders expanded, We reconfigured breakrooms andWe temporarily waived theand increased demand for freshconference rooms to promote five-day waiting period ofpoultry left grocery stores shelvessocial distancing short-term disability for anyempty in many places, it was theassociate who contracts COVID-19, thousands of Perdue associates Visitors to all Perdue facilities so that he or she could receivewho answered the call as federallyare subject to non-contact immediate benefitsdesignated frontline workers totemperature checks All hourly associates receivedhelp meet the sharp adjustments Face coverings are required and a temporary $1-per-hour payin demand. They showed upprovided for anyone who enters increase and all Piece Ratediligently to help maintain a steadyany of our facilities, including associates, such as truck drivers,supply of food to keep our fellowfederal food safety inspectors a $40-per-week pay increaseAmericans fed.We extended the hours of many We fully funded our annualof our on-site Wellness Centers, Profit-Sharing Bonus ProgramThrough it all, the focus ofwhich are staffed with localPerdues COVID-19 response waspayout to eligible associates twohealthcare providers and are months earlyand remains two-fold: keep ouravailable to our associates andassociates safe and do our part their families free of chargeBecause the pandemic causedto keep America fed. many associates to cancel their We increased our already vacation or personal time offWhat we could not anticipate wasstringent cleaning and sanitation (PTO), we temporarily removedthat a year later, as we closed outprotocols the PTO accrual maximum forour fiscal year, the virus would still We provided support to all associates until July 6, 2020be a constant presence in our lives.associates who were directlyWe provided our productionIt was a year of great uncertaintyimpactedeither due to illness associates with foodproductsand anxiety in which wearingor CDC-mandated quarantine to take home for themselvesmasks and social distancing wererequirements and their familiesthe current reality.PEOPLE & PARTNERS 8Company & Business Partners'