b'PerviousOn-site solar field generates up pavers allowto 95% of the energy demand storm water to42.3% waterduring occupied daytime hours soak into thereduction throughand, on average, up to 40% of the ground insteadwater-efficienttotal energy demandof running off plumbing fixturesReused 99.6% of existing building envelopeBicycle racksencouragePreferred parking foralternativeHigh Efficient Vehicles transportationTAKE A TOUR Diverted 97% - 631 tons - of remodeling project Perdue is proud to be among Marylandsconstruction waste environmentally conscious organizations tofrom landfillearn LEED certification. Here are just a few of the LEED features around our offices: Reused 12.7% of total existing resources40.1% of building materials manufactured within 500 miles24.3% of materials content manufactured using recycled materials72.8% of wood basedIntegrated CO2 sensors and rooftop products harvested fresh air handlers help exceed minimumNearly 40% reduction in from Forest Stewardshipair quality standards by 30%* utility demand through energy Council certified forests efficient HVAC, lighting and on-demand hot water heaters*American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Cooling Engineers minimum air quality standardsENVIRONMENT 72'