b'Finding better waysto serve our farmersFarmers can sell their corn, soybeans and wheat to any grain company. Perdue AgriBusiness must continuously earn farmers trust and not take them for granted. To better serve farmers at our Cofield, N.C. and Bridgeville, DE. grain elevators, we installed an automated kiosk system for drivers to bring in grain and weigh without getting out of the truck. The system makes our elevators safer, more efficient and more convenient.We are installing the system at our other elevators in Salisbury, MD., Bainbridge, PA. and Tappahannock, VA.Partnering with farmers to grow high oleic soybeansPerdue AgriBusiness contracts with farmers to grow high oleic soybeans in the Mid-Atlantic region for processing at our Salisbury, MD. and Bainbridge, PA. crush plants. The high oleic soybean oil provides an improved fatty acid profile for food companies and foodservice operators as well as longer frying life in restaurant applications and longer shelf life in packaged food products. From a health and nutrition perspective, high oleic soybean oil has zero grams of trans-fat per serving and 20 percent less saturated fat than conventional soybean oil, making it a more attractive ingredient for health-conscious consumers of food products. We are pleased to partner with U.S. farmers to grow high oleic soybeans.Reaching Around the Globe,Around the YearThrough the Perdue AgriBusiness deep-water port in Chesapeake, VA., we access harvests in the northern and southern hemisphere enabling us to be a year-round supplier to customers.Perdue AgriBusiness exports grains, soybeans, soymeal, pelleted soy hulls and soy oil by vessel and containers, through our Chesapeake facility that is connected to the eastern U.S. through a grain receiving and handling network of barge,rail and truck transportation.PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR AGRICULTURAL CUSTOMERS / GRAIN FARMERS 73'