b'Expanding New Markets In IndonesiaIn 2019, Perdue AgriBusiness formed a new partnership to supply Indonesia-based P.T. Mabar with soybean meal for its feed milling operation and U.S. No. 1 soybeans for its tofu producers.P.T. Mabar is a family owned, vertically integrated food company with a diversified portfolio including avocado and citrus plantations. They buy local corn for feedand import soybean meal from Perdue AgriBusiness. They process these ingredients in their milling operation to produce feeds for their shrimp and poultry live production hatcheries and farms. P.T. Mabar alsoowns and operates shrimp and poultry processingplants producing consumer products for their retail distribution network.In addition, P.T. Mabar imports food-grade soybeansin containers from Perdue AgriBusiness. Mabarre-packs the soybeans into 50-kilogram bags fortofu producers/customers. 75 MILLIONBushels of grain storage at facilities from New York to Georgia and as far west as Indiana400 MILLIONBushels of grain handled8,500+Farmers we purchase grains from74 PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR AGRICULTURAL CUSTOMERS / GRAIN FARMERS'