b'Panorama Organic Ranchers As ConservationistsPart of Panorama Organics 360-Degree Promise is the belief that precious rangelands mustDarrell Woodbe protected and preserved for future generations. All Panorama ranchers are engaged in active conservation efforts, and many of them have been recognized locally and nationally for rangeland stewardship.Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Meats 34 independent family ranchers span eight states and nearly one million acres of USDA Certified Organic grasslands in California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado and Wisconsin. Their cattle are raised on pastures that feature a cows favorite foodsnatural grasses, legumes and range forage.Since its beginning 20 years ago, Panorama has been committedemit, making them not only carbonPanoramas ranchers use various to conserving and restoringneutral, but carbon negative. methods of moving their herds rangeland. Grazing cattle on around their pastures to benefit not well-managed pastures mimics In addition to sequestering only the cattle, but the rangeland the action of the original inhabitantscarbon, healthy soils filter wateras well. Whether its mob grazing, of the grassland ecosystem and recharge aquifers by allowingadaptive pasture management the bison, elk, and other largerainfall to soak into the ground,or other forms of herd handling, ungulates that trampled, fertilized,rather than running off andthe goal is always to raise healthy and fed on a diverse set ofpolluting surface water with cattle and maintain thriving perennial plants. Those plants andmud and other debris, a bonuspastures that together support their long roots work in a cycleespecially in the drought-pronebiodiversity and a flourishing with the complex soil biome, theWest where every drop of waterecosystem.fungi and bacteria that form a sinkis critical for life. for carbon, methane and otherPanorama Organics regenerative greenhouse gases. Some recentOf course, keeping grasslandsagriculture practices are evolving studies have shown that grass- healthy requires a goodas a model for the nation to keep fed cattle can actually neutralizemanagement plan so that cattle arebirds singing, streams flowing and more greenhouse gases than theya productive part of the ecosystem.climate change at bay.ENVIRONMENT 76'