b'OUR CENTENNIAL: FIRST 100 YEARSWAS BUILT ON TRUST AND WILLINGNESSTO CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUOWith the arrival of 2020, we were celebrating 100 years of being a family-owned business and a lasting commitment to responsible food and agriculture. As we entered our second century, we looked forward to more quality, more sustainability and more innovation guided by the same values we started with a century ago.A lot has happened over the past 100 years that has led to our success since Arthur and Pearl Perdue founded the company in 1920. They, along with their son Frank Perdue, were not afraid to challenge the status quo, listen to consumers and do the unexpected.Weve grown from focusing on poultry to becomea premium protein company that offers chicken, turkey, pork, beef and lamb. These offerings, which comprise our vast product portfolio, have elevated our understanding of the importance of putting our animals and farmers at the center of what we do, which has made us a better company. We are one of the largest grain companies in the nation and offer a diversity of agricultural products and services.PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS AND COMPANY 77'