b'Perdues Animal Care program now includes nearly 70 initiatives within the companys four-part plan to accelerate its progress in poultry care. Established in 2016, the four-part plan includes: Chickens: Based on the FiveFreedoms, Perdue will go beyondjust the needs of its chickens to alsoinclude what its chickens want Farms: Perdue will recommit torelationships with farmers who raiseits animalsTrust: In order to build trust, Perduewill be transparent in its programs,goals, and progress The company announced nine Continuous Improvement: Perdue willcontinue to build an Animal Care new initiatives it will implementculture within the company through in 2021, including:continuous improvement1. HIGH WELFARE HATCHING PRACTICES We will explore whether reducing the time between chick hatch and access to feed and water provides animal care advantages and in what situations. For example, do chicks from very young and very old hens benefit more and is the difference significant? 2. BETTER LEG HEALTH FOR BIG BIRDSWe will continue our efforts to better understand the challenges in heavy bird programs, those weighing more than eight pounds at harvest. Our goal is to find ways to improve Roaster leg health by studying farms with consistently good legs. In the first year of study, we collected gait scores across farms and identified farms raising birds to heavy weights with good leg health. These farms management practices will be studied further for insights and best practices that can be applied elsewhere. 3. STRESS SUPPORT THROUGH THE WATER We will explore whether pre-shipment or early chick water supplementation for nutritional and/or stress support is more beneficial than vitamins and electrolytes. 4. BETTER CHICKS/LESS CULLINGImproving chick quality continues to be one of our major efforts.We will continue to work toward the goal of, while following Standard Operating Procedures, reducing culls by 15% in the first two to four weeks. 79 ANIMAL CARE'