b'PERDUE FAMILY FARMHOUSE ISDAILY REMINDER OF OUR HERITAGEAs part of the companys celebration of its 100th anniversary in 2020, Perdue Farms opened its historic Perdue family farmhouse for public tours for the first time.The farmhouse, which is part of the companys logo and is located across the street from its corporate office in Salisbury, MD., was built in 1917 by company founder Arthur W. Perdue. Three years later, he and his wife, Pearl Parsons Perdue, began a small poultry operation on its grounds in 1920. Their only child, son Franklin Parsons Perdue, was born in the home in May of that year.The farmhouse is a daily reminder to all of us at Perdue of the tenets of quality, integrity, hard workand trust upon which my grandfather built his business, and of our beginning as a family farm, said Chairman Jim Perdue.The farmhouse underwent a restoration in 2007, revealing the original wood-side exterior, interior hardwood floors, woodwork and fireplaces. The work also uncovered a wood shingle hidden in one of the walls, signed and dated September 1917 by Arthur Perdue.In 2017, the Perdue family farmhouse was designated a Maryland Century Farm and is included on the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties. The home retains its original floor plan and many original architectural features. Family photos, furnishings and memorabilia are on display throughout the home, along with some family narrated videos.PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS AND COMPANY 79'