b'6. FREE-RANGE UTILIZATION METRICDevelop a method to describe and measure success in getting birds to utilize pasture. Every free-range farm should have a "Free-Range Utilization" score. Our objective is to determine how best to score this new attribute.7. ENRICHMENT THROUGH DIVERSITY WITHIN FLOCKS Conduct research to begin looking at welfare implications of raising chickens that differ in age, growth rate, feather color, and activity together in the same flock. 5. FREE-RANGE PASTURE CONTEST NO. 2 8. YOUNG FARMER DEVELOPMENT GROUPFollowing up on our farmer contest to identifyAs part of our desire to be the Farmers Choice, we free-range and organic farmers who get thewill launch a young farmer development group in most birds outside, a new contest will challengerecognition of their distinct needs. In consultation farmers to develop new ideas and tips for increasingwith young farmers, we will explore their priorities range utilization. The contest will engage farmersfor mentoring, information and engagement and in improving free-range usage by identifyingestablish a program to support their development management changes and hacks that encourageand long-term success.more chickens to go outdoors. Farmers will also be encouraged to describe benefits seen for the birds9. FARMER ANIMAL CARE INCENTIVES inside when some of the flock has gone outside.We will expand a new contract that connects pay to Key learnings will be shared among existing andanimal welfare outcomes to a second growing area. new free-range farmers to assure chickens haveThe contract incorporates paw quality and minimum meaningful outside access.litter depth as part of the farmer pay structure.ANIMAL CARE 80'