b'Getting Birds OutsideFarmer Contest Strives To Get The MostBirds Onto Free-Range PasturesSixteen farmers participated inprovide habitat for birds of differentus improve our animal welfare a contest developed as part ofages and planting fruit trees in hispractices across the board. We look Perdues ongoing efforts to engagepasture, which provide shade andforward to sharing their knowledge the independent farm familiesan additional feed source.and expertise with other farmers who care for its chickens in theand seeing the positive impact on companys journey to maintainFarmers participating in the contestcreating a better environment for our industry leadership in animalfilmed their birds outside in theour chickens.welfare. The first Chicken Welfarefree-range pasture and provided Free-Range Pasture Contest tappedinsights and data on the techniquesIn 2021, Perdue will hold a second farmers knowledge and experiencethey believed were most effectivefree-range contest to engage in getting the most chickens to goin enticing birds outside, such asfarmers in increasing the number of outside, enabling them to do the types of ramps they use, theirchickens using the pasture. Results what chickens naturally do. routines, landscaping and more.will be announced in August 2022.Third-generation farmer AndrewToday, Perdue is raising more than McLean of Centreville, MD., who25% of its chickens with outdoorPerdue is demonstrating its continued has raised organic chickens foraccess and continues to expand leadership in the poultry industry. This Perdue since 2015, won the contestthat number. trajectory of an increased percentage and its $2,000 first-place prize.of barns providing outdoor access When Perdue put out the call forAs Dr. Bruce Stewart-Brown, along with its work increasing the the contest, I thought it fit what ImPerdues senior vice president ofnumber of its barns with windows and doing here very aptly. Ive alwaystechnical services and innovation,environmental enrichmentsimproves had a lot of chickens coming out andexplains, Long-term, we dontthe quality of life of the birds and sets I enjoy seeing them come out and just want to increase the numbera bar where other major players in the do what chickens naturally do. Imof houses with pastures, we wantpoultry industry should go. very happy to tell people about how to increase the number of birds I do it, said McLean. using that pasture. At Perdue,- Josh Balk, Vice President of Farmour family farmers are experts atAnimal Protection for the HumaneSome of the techniques McLeanraising healthy and happy chickens,Society of the United States.has implemented include allowingand thats why we try to learn grass to grow at different heights tofrom them and invite them to help 81 ANIMAL CARE'