b'COVID-19: OUR STRONG VALUES GUIDE USTHROUGH UNPRECEDENTED CHALLENGESAs we were closing out our Fiscal Year inMarch 2020, life as we knew it was coming to a screeching halt as the global COVID-19 pandemic was beginning its march across the U.S. Seemingly overnight, American consumers were greeted by empty shelves in their grocery store meat departments due to increased demand, especially for retail poultry products. Social distancing had entered our lexicon. Chicken had become the ultimate comfort food and we ran our plants sixdays a week to keep up with consumer demand.In our 100-year history, we had never experienced a crisis like this. As a major food supplier, we were deemed a critical infrastructure industry by the federal government, giving us an obligation to continue producing safe, wholesome products to feed our neighbors around the country and making our front-lineassociates essential.We convened our COVID-19 Pandemic Task Force to address business issues as they arose. Throughout this our primary concern was ensuring the safety and health of our associates, the true front line heroes in Americas food supply chain, along with supporting their families, our farmers, our customers, our business partners and ensuring the continuity of our of our supply chain and protecting our communities.We enacted numerous preventative measures to protect our associates, including increased sanitation and cleaning at all our operations and implemented daily temperature checks for anyone entering our facilities. We extended the hours of many of our facilities on-site Wellness Centers, which are available to all associates free of charge.As this was being written, the virus and its impact on our associates and the communities where our operations are located had just started to make itself known. This uncertain and evolving challenge has shone a light on what it truly means to be part of a team working for the greater good. Together, our collective team stepped up to accomplish something greater than any one individual could alone. As we navigate this new normal and challenges yet to be seen, we will be guided by our values of teamwork, quality, integrity and trust to come out of this stronger.PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS AND COMPANY 81'