b'A Center For LearningThird Poultry Learning Center Focuses OnEducation For Community And ClassroomsNorth Carolina poultry farmerfarm family to open a PoultryProduction Manager, Crystal, Steven Brake debuted a new PoultryLearning Center on their farm. Theycollaborate to give tours to local Learning Center at his family farmwere inspired to construct theirselementary, middle, and high in 2020. The new educational facilityafter learning about similar projectsschool classes, agriculture and hosts students and other guests infrom other Perdue farmers at theanimal science students from the community who would like tocompanys annual Animal CareEdgecombe Community College, know more about poultry farmingSummit in 2019.and bioengineering students at and provide educational informationNorth Carolina State University. on topics such as biosecurity,I realized the importance ofBrakes sister, Vickie, who is a poultry feed, house management,sharing who we are as farmersteacher, helped create one-of-a-and bird health. and how we care for ourkind teaching standards that work animals, because there is a lot ofin congruence with the tours so Brake, a second-generationmisinformation out there, saidthat teachers can create relevant poultry farmer, has been growingSteven Brake, Perdue Farmscurriculums and tests for their chickens for Perdue since 1995poultry farmer. We love what weclasses. and his four daughters are eachdo and want to help inform both involved in the family business. Inadults and kids about where theirThese field trips are a great way to 2020, the family built and openedfood comes from. Its one thing toget kids out of the classroom and an educational center in one oftell people what we do; its moregives us a chance to show them their chicken houses that includesmeaningful if we can let them see itwhat poultry farming is about. a large viewing room where guestsfor themselves. Thats our purpose: we want to and students can observe and learneducate. Teachers can download about the birds undisturbed in theirBrake has focused on makingthe educational standards for environment. his familys Learning Centertheir curriculums, teach it in the educational for students of allclassroom, and even give tests after The Brakes are the third Perdueages. He and the farms Livethe farm tour, said Brake. 83 ANIMAL CARE'