b'Our Animal Care PositionWere Raising Animals For Higher StandardsOur Position On Animal Care And WelfareOur animal care and welfare On an all-vegetarian-diet with that success is measured by more programs encompass all phases,no animal by-products than efficiency and productivity. including breeder operations, In audited and verified animal careThis is exemplified by our Perdue hatchery, appropriate comfortprograms Commitments to Animal Care and shelter on the farms,program, an ongoing effort that is comprehensive veterinary carechanging the way we raise chickens.and health monitoring, nutrition,Mistreatment or abuse of catching, transportation andanimals is never tolerated. All harvesting. associates handling live animals are provided training including All of the animals for our products,their responsibility to report any including chickens, turkeys, pigs,violations of our animal welfare beef cattle and sheep, are raised: policies. The farmers who raiseWithout the use of crates or animals for us share equal cages, including gestation and responsibility to provide care farrowing crates for sows according to our best practicesand standards, and to alert us toWithout drugs for growth any issues involving animal health promotion, including hormones, or welfare.beta antagonists or ractopamine Our approach to animal care is a (*Federal law prohibits the use of process of continuous improvement involving a wide range ofAs part of our commitment to hormones and steroids in poultry meeting the demand for chickens and pork) stakeholders, with a commitment to transparency. We believe thatraised to higher welfare standards,With an emphasis on the freedom welfare goes beyond meeting thewe continue to study alternative and to express natural behaviors physical needs of animals andslower-growing chicken breeds.ANIMAL CARE 84'