b'Responsibly Raising AnimalsWe use different raising programs to meet the varying expectations of our customers and consumers.We responsibly manage each of these programs, striving to assure that appropriate animal care is provided.All of our programs follow established Best Practices and our Guiding Principles.Our best practices are based To ensure continuous improvement and on the following principles: compliance to our current programs, our activities follow these guiding principles: The internationally accepted FiveFreedoms as applied to raising animals.All Perdue associates and contractors who Poultry care practices should balance handle live animals will have formal welfare scientific knowledge and professional training.judgement with consideration of ethicalWe have a Chief Animal Care Officerand social values. assigned for oversight of our USDA The actual care of animals should be Processed Verified Program forforemost, not how humans might perceive Animal Care (PAACO certified), which isa practice or farm environment. fully supported by our Board and seniormanagement. Animals should be treated with respectthroughout their lives and provided aWe have poultry care officers located inhumane death when processed for food or both live and plant operations to lead thewhen they are euthanized for any reason. effort to maintain our animal carestandards. Internal and external audits of ourprocedures are performed regularly tofurther strengthen our commitment andto guarantee continuous improvement ofour processes. We have oversight from the PerdueAnimal Care Council, composed of Perduemanagers to provide corporate oversightand leadership. The council is also chargedwith reviewing recent advances in animalcare and acts as a liaison with outsideanimal welfare experts.85 ANIMAL CARE'