b'USDA Process VerifiedVerified Poultry CareOur USDA Process Verifiedprovides the added assurance ofcomfort and safety of every chicken Program for Poultry Care coversan audited program with morewe raise.all our poultry operations. Thethan 50 documented points from Perdue Poultry Care Programhatchery to harvest, and it coversFor poultry raised indoors, we use encompasses all phases of ourall our growing areas and harvesttemperature-controlled housing supply chain, including breeder andoperations. with fresh-air ventilation. In the hatchery operations, appropriatehouse, chickens are protected comfort and shelter on the farms,Our Poultry Care Programfrom the elements, disease and comprehensive healthcare andcombines principles from thepredators, and they are given monitoring, nutrition, catching,National Chicken Council, our ownconstant access to food and water, transporting and harvesting. best practices and the Perduesufficient room to move and exhibit Commitments to Animal Caremost natural behaviors, and periods Our USDA Process Verifiedinitiatives to create a baseline ofof light and darkness.Program for Poultry Carecare that helps ensure the health, Organic And Free-Range ChickenAll our organic and other free-range Multiple doorssituatedchickens are raised on farms thatapproximately every 50 feet provide: running the length of the chicken Natural sunlight house to encourage birds togo outdoors Open, fresh-air ventilation Sunshades or awnings over Enrichments, such as bales of hay each doorwayor straw, that add complexity to thechickens environmentOutdoor water access Access to outdoor areas that arePastures with a mixture of grasstypically at least half the size of the and earthen areas, allowing thechicken house birds to forage and take dust bathsANIMAL CARE 86'